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The first Black general in the Army was an HBCU grad • The first Black mayors of New York, Memphis, Raleigh and Atlanta were HBCU grads • The first Black female general in the Air Force was an HBCU grad • The first American woman to win a gold medal in the Olympics was an HBCU grad • The first Black admiral in the Navy was an HBCU grad • The first Black Supreme Court Justice was an HBCU grad • The first Black to play in the NBA was an HBCU grad • The first Black quarterback to start in the Super Bowl was an HBCU grad • The first Black to coach football at a predominantely white college was an HBCU grad • The first Black senator in the 20th century was an HBCU grad •

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Black Heritage Review, which began as Resources 2000, has dedicated nearly two decades to researching and recording Black history, with emphasis on Black colleges. To date we have published five editions of the Black College Sports Encyclopedia. This is the first book to chronicle the statistical history of HBCU sports. The information used was taken from our sports library that consists of more than 1,000 books, media guides, and news and magazine articles. We also have more than 500 hard photos and roughly 4,000 digital photos of HBCU alumni, athletes and coaches. Using these and other resources, we hope to preserve as much of this valuable history as possible and make it available to coming generations.

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